Properties of Different Types of Skirting Boards

Contrary to what many think, choosing an appropriate skirting board can be a frustrating ordeal. This is because there are numerous types available in the market. Each type has its unique properties. Therefore, a board type that is suitable for one person or one region can be completely useless in another. This article outlines the types of skirting boards and unique features.

Softwood Skirting

It is an appropriate choice if you are looking for a fancier skirting board. You can do almost all customizations on it. You can sand it down, varnish and redecorate it. This type of skirting boards comes in different bespoke style. However, they easily warp and swell hence might not be a good choice if you looking for a sturdy skirting board.

Hardwood Skirting

It is a resilient skirting board type. It is not easily damaged because it can withstand hard knocks. Accidents on these boards are unlikely. However, they are not readily available. When you need a hardwood skirting board, you first have to place order specifying your preferences. The hardwood skirting will be customised to meet your specific requirements. The customization makes them the most expensive skirting board type. Additionally, fitting hardwood skirting is more difficult than the other types.

MDF Skirting

This is the most readily available skirting board types. It is the cheapest as well. Unlike softwood types, MDF skirting board type does not swell or warp easily. Therefore, it is generally your best choice if you are looking for a sturdy, durable skirting that fits into a limited budget. It comes in two classes, namely; pre- finished and pre-primed. If you desire to redecorate your skirting board, then purchase the pre-prime skirting board.

In addition to these types, skirting boards also come in various patterns and styles.